Extending Fitness is a private Mixed Martial Arts and strength training studio located in Northeast Portland, Oregon.

logo-v3Extending Fitness extends fitness styles to higher levels by blending them with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) techniques, providing inner core strength training and development for men and women of all ages while enhancing the understanding of MMA forms and disciplines. Sessions incorporate everything from Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, and Karate to Pilates and Strength Training.

Whatever your motivation for joining the studio you'll experience increased self discipline, confidence, and coordination.

Instruction is available in small group classes as well as one-on-one sessions in a private studio environment.

Extending Fitness is not your typical workout – the regimen changes daily so that you are constantly challenged, both physically and mentally. The only competition you face in the studio is within yourself and your abilities. There is no hierarchy, there are no belts to achieve – it is your choice how far you extend your internal and external strength.

If you are a Mixed Martial Arts enthusiast and would like to begin or continue your involvement in competitive MMA tournament/cage fighting then the opportunity is here as well.

The Extending Fitness studio is based in Northeast Portland, Oregon - conveniently located right off of Sandy Blvd.